For Clients

What is your approach to counseling and therapy?

Relationship. Contemplation. Insight.

The most important variable for therapeutic growth is the relationship we build across our sessions. Nothing matters more than ensuring my clients feel heard, and that you can challenge or correct me when I make mistakes.

Once that is in place, I tend to focus on focus on building other relationships: with your body, with those close to you, and with the various parts of your self. I have experience with somatic and mindfulness-based approaches; I can also offer contemplative and meditative practices, and this tends to provoke insights.

Finally, I enjoy building insight with clients as a way to inspire behavior change. Insight is sometimes called the "aha!" moment. I conduct lots of miniature "experiments" with my clients to explore the themes we discuss in therapy. 

Are you taking new clients?

At this time, I am not currently taking new clients. However, if we have worked together in the past, I would love to hear from you. Use the contact form to send me a message.