2021 Chi Sigma Sigma Executive Board Meeting: The leadership responsible for reactivating Sacramento State's chapter of Chi Sigma Iota.

Systemic change is a necessity, not an after thought. 


Currently, I focus on protecting professional counselor identity in California. In 2022, I wrote a first-place essay for a CSI & CACREP sponsored contest, focusing on utilizing the Counseling Compact to bolster counselor identity in California.


In 2023, through the leadership of our Legislative Advocacy Chair, our chapter of Chi Sigma Sigma helped pass legislation in California which will enable CSUs to host doctoral programs―including those in Counselor Education and Supervision.

I am currently working with a small team in tracking Compact-related legislation in our state, mostly to ensure the bill's language respects professional counselor identity.


2023 EB-ACA Conference: My first education session, with Dr. Amanda DeDiego. (right) and Dr. Rachael Marshall (left).

My research is action-oriented and interdisciplinary.


In 2021, I completed the Pathways Fellows Program at Sacramento State. This enabled me to complete an intensive summer research internship in a county office of education. I was also paired with a research mentor and doctoral student to present and publish research on equity for STEM students in community colleges. 


In 2023, I had the opportunity to present research on contemplative pedagogy in counselor education, with lots of support from my (fantastic) mentor, Dr. Rachael Marshall.


In 2024, I am continuing to work with Dr. Rachael Marshall and Dr. Amanda DeDiego to finish a manuscript on contemplative pedagogy.


2022 WACES Conference: Emerging Leaders Program cohort meeting, with leadership from ACES and WACES.

My leadership experiences in the counseling field began with joining in the reactivation of Chi Sigma Sigma at Sacramento State from 2021-2023. 


In 2022, I was selected as an Emerging Leader by the Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (WACES; pictured left). This experience enabled me to travel to Portland for the 2022 WACES conference.


Upon graduating from Sacramento State in 2023, I was awarded Outstanding School Counseling Student by faculty, and Outstanding Mentor by classmates. 


I was recently selected for Chi Sigma Iota's 2024 Leadership Fellows and Intern program, one of 10 counselors in the nation.